torsdag 13 oktober 2016

The Winter Conference in Statistics 2017

Time : 12-16 March, 2017, Venue: Hotel Fjällgården, Åre
Från Cramérsällskapet
The Winter Conference in Statistics 2017 is organised next year by the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics and the Department of Statistics at Umea University togheter with the Swedish Statistical Society (Svenska statistikfrämjandet).

The title of the 46th Winter conference in Statistics is Statistical analyses of big and high dimensional data – approached by Generalized Additive Models and Functional Data Analysis. Invited speakers are Simon Wood (University of Bristol), Jane-Ling Wang (University of California, Davis), and Ana Maria Staicu (North Carolina State University).

The conference will take place in Åre, 12-16 March, 2017.

For more information about the conference visit the webpage, where registration forms will soon be available: