måndag 27 mars 2017

Data campus at the Office for National Statistics is set to cement Newport's reputation as the home of “world-class statistics”

From South Wales Argus:
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) will today open a new Data Science Campus at its Newport HQ – part of a £17-million investment in statistics.

The campus has been established to use new data sources and technologies and provide statistics for policy makers and businesses about the UK economy and society generally.

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lördag 25 mars 2017

Dutch stats agency uses Twitter as social barometer of anxiety, fear

From NL Times:
Statistics Netherlands teamed up with the Center for Big Data Statistics for a study into how posts on Twitter can be used to measure the mood in society. This research resulted in the first social tension barometer, which can measure quite specifically the tension or unrest in society, Statistics Netherlands announced on Friday.

tisdag 21 mars 2017

The Power of Big Data and Psychographics

The Power of Big Data and Psychographics - YouTube:

In a 10 minute presentation at the 2016 Concordia Summit, Mr. Alexander Nix discusses the power of big data in global elections. Cambridge Analytica’s revolutionary approach to audience targeting, data modeling, and psychographic profiling has made them a leader in behavioral microtargeting for election processes around the world.

Mr. Alexander Nix
CEO, Cambridge Analytica


From ThoughtCo Statistics:
The numbers back it up: statistics doesn't have to be hard. Learn to explain data and calculate statistics with beginner to advanced tutorials, tools, worksheets, and formulas for students and teachers.

Indstats utbildningssida | Statistikfrämjandet

Indstats utbildningssida | Statistikfrämjandet:

söndag 19 mars 2017

Göran Rosenberg om den mätande klassen

Godmorgon, världen! | Sveriges Radio:
Jag vill bara inledningsvis varna mina lyssnare om att några av er kan komma att bli uppringda efter den här krönikan som ett led i Sveriges Radios ständigt pågående kundundersökning i kvalitetssyfte. Det hela tar bara några minuter och det är till för ert eget bästa. Ju fler undersökningar, desto bättre kvalitet på programmen är det tänkt.

Small data may be bigger than big data

Opinion News & Top Stories - The Straits Times:


Big data, or sifting through crunched statistics for patterns in human behaviour, is this century's megatrend.

But global brand consultant Martin Lindstrom, a Dane, argues that it is foolhardy to base one's business strategies on Big Data alone because, at best, it is an "idealised" snapshot of what people want.

fredag 17 mars 2017

Snapstat - DIY Statistics Explainers for Journalist

Snapstat - DIY Statistics Explainers for Journalist:
Dutch election polls. What to do with them?
The media often reports about changes between polls. Are the media reporting about differences of one, two or three seats? Learn below why this isn't news!

NTTS2017 Live Blog: 22B — Dissemination: innovation in the dissemination of official statistics

NTTS2017 Live Blog: 22B:
This is a quick live blog from the session at the NTTS conference at Eurostat. I have tried to quote the presenters as much of possible, but due to the speed, I’ll probably have failed at some parts. Errors are mine, not the speakers! I’ll be refining this article during conference, if you spot errors and typos, please let me know.


måndag 13 mars 2017

NTTS 2017 global interaction centre - European Commission

NTTS 2017 global interaction centre - European Commission:

Live webstreaming - an NTTS tradition

Cannot make it to the NTTS 2017 conference? Fear not! All sessions ending with "A", i.e. all those that take place in the GASP auditorium will be transmitted globally via live webstreaming. You will thus be able to watch all keynote speeches as well as a large number of special sessions from the comfort of your office chair.

So, from 09:30 CET on 14 March and for three days straight: shut your door (or put on your earphones), tune in to to the NTTS 2017 live webstreaming page http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/content/live-webstreaming-ntts-2017_en and enjoy!
Tweet your #NTTS2017 questions from all over the world

For all sessions that are webstreamed, there will be a twitter moderator monitoring all tweets with the hashtag #NTTS2017 - and tweeted questions and important comments will be given high visibility as well as priority by the session chair during the Q&A session.

Live webstreaming from NTTS 2017
NTTS 2017 twitter aggregator
EU Big Data Hackathon webstreaming

torsdag 9 mars 2017

Florence Nightingale: The Lady with the Data

Florence Nightingale Lady With Lamp
This is Statistics:
The lady with the lamp was also the lady who conducted pioneering and brave work as a statistician during a time when women were a rare presence in such fields. Florence Nightingale, one of the most prominent statisticians in history, used her passion for statistics to save lives of soldiers during the Crimean war, and do groundbreaking work in data visualization that continues to be influential to this day.


A Visual Guide To Statistics

A Visual Guide To Statistics A Visual Guide To Statistics | Co.Design | business + design: Statisticians are one of the fastest growing jobs in the country—and for good reason. "As data becomes more and more a part of people’s lives, statistics is becoming more a part of people's lives," says Daniel Kunin, a Brown University student who's created an interactive textbook for introductory statistics classes in high school and college. "It is a dense topic that a lot of people want to learn more about and either haven’t had the time or don’t have access to formal education."

tisdag 7 mars 2017

The Open Data Inventory (ODIN)

ODIN 2016 from Open Data Watch on Vimeo.
ODIN is an internationally recognized approach to assessing the coverage, openness and accessibility of vital datasets needed for monitoring and managing the social, economic and environmental development of every country. Explore ODIN, where Sweden is ranked number one worldwide.

måndag 6 mars 2017

”Vi får inte låta oss luras av statistik” - Debatt - Dagens Medicin

Bild: Thinkstock
Från ”Vi får inte låta oss luras av statistik” - Debatt - Dagens Medicin
Tyvärr måste man konstatera att vi påverkas och luras av statistikbaserad forskning, skriver läkaren Peter Bistoletti i ett debattinlägg.

Forskningsfusk och eventuella oetiska aktiviteter inom Karo­linska institutet väcker funderingar kring den medicinska forskningens tillstånd. Forskningsfusk före­kommer och felaktiga forskningsresultat leder till onödiga medicinska åtgärder, kostnader och skador för patienten.

lördag 4 mars 2017

Faktaresistens och statistik - Ekots lördagsintervju

Ekots lördagsintervju :
I reportaget efter lördagsintervjun 38 minuter in i programmmet frågar vi om det är politikers sätt att använda statistik som skapat faktaresistensen.
Direktlänk till reportaget här.

torsdag 2 mars 2017

4 Ways VR Will Change Big Data

(Michal Bednarek/Shutterstock)
Datanami 4 Ways VR Will Change Big Data:
We are living in an age of big data. In this era of ever-increasing information, we’re collecting data at an astonishing rate, but not necessarily understanding it. At present, big data is an unwieldy beast — one that is often unorganized and uncommonly complicated to digest. Traditional bar graphs and pie charts on 2D screens simply aren’t cutting it. They aren’t allowing us to effectively process large data sets. In fact, according to Forbes, our eyes are limited to processing a mere 100 bytes of information a second on a traditional computer screen. We need new technologies to solve big data’s manifold challenges, and thankfully, virtual reality may be addressing them.

onsdag 1 mars 2017

Sweden ranked number one in official statistics

From ODIN:
In January Open Data Watch updated their Open Data Inventory to reflect changes in 2016. The inventory "assesses the coverage and openness of official statistics" for nearly every country across the globe.

You can view a ranked list of countries here with scores broken down into categories focused on coverage of official statistics and their openness. In 2016 In 2016, Sweden took the top spot. The Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark, Estonia, Canada, the United States and Finland round out the top 10. Read the full report here.