söndag 25 oktober 2015

Eurostat immigration data - Business Insider

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From: Business Insider and Eurostat
New figures from Eurostat, the European Union statistical agency, show just how the issue of immigration has rocketed into the public consciousness.

Field work conducted between September 3 and 23 interviewed 62,511 people, asking them — among other things — what the two most important issues facing their region are.

The proportion answering "immigration" is displayed on the map, and it's astonishing.

In two parts of Germany, the figure climbs above 50% — 60% in Bayern (Bavaria) and 58% in Baden-Württemberg, the two areas that stand out in bright red — place the issue in their top two. In much of the rest of the country, it's above 40%.

Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Belgium, southern Sweden, and northern Italy also stand out as being particularly preoccupied with immigration.