tisdag 20 oktober 2015

Two years ago, the UN called for a 'data revolution'. How far have we come?

From: Significance  
Today is World Statistics Day - a chance to celebrate and showcase diverse applications of data, and how the work of statisticians is helping to improve lives. The October 2015 issue of Significance features several such articles, including the following piece from Claire Melamed, the director for poverty and inequality at the Overseas Development Institute. Two years after a United Nations report called for a "data revolution", Melamed takes stock of how close we have come to achieving that goal.

Data has never been so in demand. This may come as something of a surprise to the legions of statisticians, epidemiologists, demographers, econometricians and others who have been labouring away in the face of public and political disinterest for decades, but suddenly data is the hot political issue, at least in some circles.