torsdag 31 december 2015

Recenserad i New Scientist

Från Häggström hävdar
Min nya bok Here Be Dragons: Science, Technology and the Future of Humanity har fortfarande ett par veckor kvar fram till officiell utgivning, men den har redan hunnit bli recenserad i New Scientist. Och recensionen, författad av konstnären och mångsysslaren Jonathon Keats, kan bara berskivas som glödande!  Hör här:
"THE year is 2056, and scientists have just created the first computer with superhuman intelligence. Aware of the risks, the programmers trained it in ethics. The machine functions flawlessly.
Aiming to maximise happiness in the universe, and calculating that sentient beings are happy less than half the time, the computer exterminates all sentient life. The balance of happiness increases from negative to zero - only there’s nobody left to enjoy it.
Futurologists refer to this sort of misunderstanding as perverse instantiation, and Olle Häggström is concerned about it."
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