fredag 22 januari 2016

Why "Data Scientist" Is The Best Job To Pursue In 2016

From Forbes (text) and Priceonomics (picture)
Data scientists lead the pack for best jobs in America, according to a new report from company review site, Glassdoor. The report is based on voluntary reviews and self-reported incomes of the company’s massive dataset; each job is ranked based on a composite score of median reported salary, job openings, and career opportunities.

According to the report, the median salary for a Data Scientist is an impressive $116,000 and there are over 1,700 job openings. For those curious, a “data scientist” typically refers to a mix of skills, part statistician and part computer programmer. For instance, data scientists often have to employ computer code (like the Python programming language) to scrape the web for data that may not be in a neatly packaged format, whereas a straight “statistician” is conventionally hyper-focused on sophisticated data analysis techniques (though opinions do vary).

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