fredag 11 november 2016

CStat applications – The How? and Why?

From RoyalStatSoc

Sarah Barker,
RSS Professional Affairs & Examinations Manager
This meeting is aimed at individuals who are considering or in the process completing their Chartered Statistician (CStat) application and is intended to offer some insight into the benefits of CStat and the process for completing the CStat application. The first talk by Trevor Lewis will give an overview of the CStat award and the benefits of holding the award. Matt Sperrin will then offer his personal perspective as an academic of completing the CStat application outlining his experience. Rob Mastrodomenico will then offer much the same but this time from the perspective of someone in industry. By looking at the application process from the perspective of individuals from both academia and industry it is hoped that attendees will be able to gain insight to help them with their own applications. Following this there will be a talk from Sarah Barker who oversees the CStat application process for the Society and will describe the support the Society gives to those seeking chartered status (CStat).