onsdag 21 december 2016

"People living in extreme poverty has decreased"

Gapminder's new Public Educator Helena, shows how Extreme Poverty went from the global default to an exception. http://buff.ly/2h6XNo5

Helena Nordenstedt, Assistant Professor in Global Health, Karolinska Institutet holds a presentation at the conference "Global Health in Conflict, Poverty and Fragility" on May 30th 2016 in Stockholm, organised by the think tank Global Utmaning.

The conference was a platform for dialogue and knowledge dissemination, with the aim to increase awareness about the health challenges in fragile and conflict-affected environments, and to reach an understanding of what actions need to be taken to ensure that fragile and conflict-affected states are not left behind in achieving the SDGs.

Global Utmaning (Global Challenge) is an independent think tank that promotes long-term solutions to crises and challenges in the ecological, economic and social systems through collaboration between research, business, politics and civil society.

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