torsdag 30 november 2017

How machine learning creates new jobs and problems

Computer scientist and deep learning pioneer Andrew Ng (far right) says that a
s machine learning advances, it is actually becoming
easier for non-specialists to break in. Photo: AP
It is not often that a new profession springs up almost overnight.

It is also unusual for many of the people who find their way into this new field to do it without the formal training provided by the normal institutions of higher education.

Machine learning, as well as the allied field of data science, is developing in a way that looks unlike most other professional career paths that preceded it.

It represents both one of the most promising employment opportunities of the next few years and a model for how people entering the workforce today adapt to changes in employment demands in future.

The term is given to the marriage of statistics and computer science (editor´s boldface) that has been revolutionising the field of artificial intelligence. It depends on both a new class of learning algorithms that improve over time, as well as the availability of large bodies of data to train the systems.

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