fredag 26 oktober 2018

Sir David Cox - In Gentle Praise of Significance Tests - Significance tests (part 4)

Intermingled in today’s statistical controversies are some long-standing, but unresolved, disagreements on the nature and principles of statistical methods and the roles for probability in statistical inference and modelling. In reaction to the so-called “replication crisis” in the sciences, some reformers suggest significance tests as a major culprit. To understand the ramifications of the proposed reforms, there is a pressing need for a deeper understanding of the source of the problems in the sciences and a balanced critique of the alternative methods being proposed to supplant significance tests. In this session speakers offer perspectives on significance tests from statistical science, econometrics, experimental psychology and philosophy of science. There will be also be panel discussion. Speaker: Sir David Cox, Nuffield College, Oxford Four distinct contexts are distinguished and exemplified in which significance tests may be helpful. The connection with general notions about statistical inference is outlined.