söndag 28 juli 2019

Julian Wheatland: I want there to be a more balanced view of Cambridge Analytica

In an interview, Wheatland explains why he agreed to be part of the Netflix documentary “The Great Hack”

"The Great Hack," a new Netflix documentary, painfully relives the 2016 presidential election by following the personal journeys of key players in the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal. David Carroll, a media professor who spends the film doggedly trying to retrieve his personal data from Cambridge Analytica. British journalist, Carole Cadwalladr, who exposes how Cambridge Analytica harvested data from more than 50 million Facebook users to create targeted ads for the Trump 2016 campaign. And Brittany Kaiser, the former director of business development at Cambridge Analytica, turned whistleblower. While Kaiser and former Cambridge Analytica employee Chris Wylie, surfaced as whistleblowers when the events unfolded in real time after the election, “The Great Hack” introduces us to a new character: Julian Wheatland, Cambridge Analytica’s acting CEO. Unlike the other former Cambridge Analytica employees we know, Wheatland has a different perspective on the demise of the company. If you still have questions after watching “The Great Hack,” you might find answers here. Salon interviewed Wheatland at the San Francisco screening of the “The Great Hack” on July 22.