onsdag 23 december 2015

The future of analytics - top 5 analytics predictions for 2016

Bean crystal ball smallFrom Polly Mitchell-Guthrie, SAS Blog 
My view of the world is shaped by where I stand, but from this spot the future of analytics for 2016 looks pretty exciting! Analytics has never been more needed or interesting.

  1. Machine learning established in the enterprise
Machine learning dates back to at least 1950 but until recently has been the domain of elites and subject to “winters” of inattention. I predict that it is here to stay, because large enterprises are embracing it. In addition to researchers and digital natives, these days established companies are asking how to move machine learning into production. Even in regulated industries, where low interpretability of models has historically choked their usage, practitioners are finding creative ways to use machine learning techniques to select variables for models, which can then be formulated using more commonly accepted techniques. Expect greater interest across academic disciplines, because machine learning benefits from many different approaches. Consider the popular keynote from the INFORMS Annual Meeting last year, where Dimitris Bertsimas talked about “Statistics and Machine Learning via a Modern Optimization Lens.” My colleague Patrick Hall offers his own perspective about "Why Machine Learning? Why Now?"

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