fredag 12 februari 2016

Address-based Sampling

From AAPOR announcements and Address-based Sampling Report
AAPOR's Address-based Sampling (ABS) task force has released its report which supplements the existing AAPOR guidelines for address-based sampling issues, consistent with existing standards for scientific surveys.
From the report:
Society is changing through the way people communicate. Letters and telephone calls are largely being replaced by texts, tweets, e-mails, and other electronic communications, although mail is still used for some formal and official communications. Surveys that push selected individuals to respond to surveys electronically (e.g., via the web) take advantage of today’s 1-2 prevalent modes of communication. Without general frames of electronic addresses, mail addresses provide excellent coverage of households. At the same time, initial contact by mail ensures that virtually every selected household can be reached, regardless of electronic capabilities. Creative use of ABS provides many options for reaching busy households and gaining cooperation.

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