torsdag 27 oktober 2016

These are the 10 hottest data jobs

These are the 10 hottest data jobs
Image: ESB Professional/Shutterstock
From Siliconrepublic 

1. Data scientist

Glassdoor recently called the data scientist the ‘number one job in America’. As the resident rock stars of the data world, the role even comes with a healthy amount of discussion around what and who really classifies as a data scientist. While that debate rages on, the fundamentals include a strong academic background (PhD or masters) within statistics, mathematics, physics or economics, and deep expertise in statistics, data mining or machine learning.

A quality data scientist will identify and solve highly complex business problems, utilising advanced analytics principles and tools including statistical programming in Python, R or Spark. This analysis will play a central role in decision-making, providing the required intelligence to ensure that companies can successfully navigate through an increasingly complex business environment.