torsdag 7 december 2017

Data scientist of 2020: Sexiest Career of the 21st Century

Data Scientist of 2020: Sexiest Career of the 21st Century.
Data science has been a buzzword in the market for quite some time, it has even been labelled the "Sexiest Career of the 21st Century". That quote alone has cropped up many times in presentations, articles and undoubtedly many internet searches. So, where did this "new" career suddenly come from?

The term data science is not actually as new as we think it is, the discipline of data science has already been around for over 30 years. In 1997, C.F. Jeff Wu gave the inaugural lecture entitled "Statistics = Data Science?" for his appointment to the H. C. Carver Professorship at the University of Michigan. In this lecture, he characterised statistical work as a trilogy of data collection, data modelling and analysis, and decision-making. In his conclusion, he initiated the modern, non-computer science, usage of the term "data science" and advocated that statistics be renamed data science and statisticians, data scientists.1