måndag 11 mars 2019

Statisticians may have a bit of an image problem – but their Code of Practice is full of good sense

National Statistical (UK)
A guest blog from Sir David Spigelhalter to mark the first anniversary of the refreshed Code of Practice for Statistics

“I must be honest: a Code of Practice for Statistics is not something I would usually get very excited about. So why do I trumpet the virtues of the new Code in the talks I give?

There are two main reasons. First, the rumours of a ‘post-truth’ society mean that it is timely to talk about trust in numbers, science and experts, and whenever I hear the word ‘trust’ I turn to Baroness Onora O’Neill, author of the 2002 Reith Lectures (a brilliant listen or read) and presenter of one of the best TedX talks I have seen – summarising everything that’s about important about trust, quoting Kant, telling jokes, all in nine minutes.

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