torsdag 6 juni 2019

Leveraging SMS for Survey Research

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Text messaging is near ubiquitous in the U.S - most adults now own a cell phone, and a majority report that they check it on a regular basis for messages and other alerts. Research has also shown that text messages are significantly more likely than emails to be opened and to be opened quickly. Internationally, the use of text messaging is rapidly expanding, and Gallup research has found that in over 130 countries, the majorities of households now own a cellphone. With the widespread adoption of text messaging (SMS), how can researchers leverage this technology for reaching respondents and improving survey participation? This webinar will begin by summarizing the existing knowledge on SMS for survey research and discuss the strengths and weakness of SMS for data collection through the lens of total survey error. We will review the challenges and limitations of integrating text messaging into a research design and highlight areas of opportunity. Finally, we will walk through the steps for implementing SMS into communications and data collection.