lördag 12 maj 2018

Leveraging AI in the public sector with open data

Europeiska Data Portalen:

"Using AI in the public sector is possible, but how?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) software has been called the most disruptive force in technology and it offers an unprecedented opportunity to transform both the private- and public services sector. It is a priority for the European Union and the European Commission recently presented a series of measure to boost Europe’s competitiveness in this field. In the public sector, AI applications are still only used to a small extent though. A key question is: how can the potential of AI applications in the public sector be unleashed? Open Data can play an important role in realizing this.

 What can AI do for society?

AI techniques can unravel deeper insights from sets of data than traditional statistical techniques. Examples of AI are: speech recognition, natural language processing, chatbots or voice bots. In most cases, AI applications have at least one of the following seven functions: monitoring, discovering, predicting, interpreting, interacting with the physical environment, interacting with humans and interacting with machines."

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