tisdag 3 juli 2018

2018 Beveridge Lecture: Other truths are available


The 2018 speaker was Will Moy, Director of Full Fact, the independent charity that tackles misinformation and disinformation. 'Ignorance' is one of the five 'giant evils' the world needs to conquer, William Beveridge said 76 years ago. It still is. Mistaken or malicious misinformation can change your world. Parents whose children died of measles have been hurt by misinformation. When the government is wrong about you it will hurt you too but you may never know how. When you're wrong about the government, you might lose again. We live with information plenty and starvation, political lying, skillful disinformation, and glimpses of artificial intelligence. Someone's always selling and they're not on your side. At the same time we have better ways of being better informed than ever. So what has really changed, and what shall we do about it?