onsdag 9 januari 2019

How A Brewer In Guinness Factory Secretly Discovered A Statistical Method

Dublin, Ireland - March 31, 2018:
The Guinness Brewery is located at
St. Jame's Gate Brewery in Dublin,
Ireland. The founder, Arthur Guinness,
first brewed the infamous dark beer in
1759. It is known for its main product
which is Guinness Draught.GETTY
While you are enjoying a freshly poured pint of Guinness, the last thing you might be thinking about is statistics. Statistics is an important branch of mathematics that have recently re-incarnated into fields like data science and artificial intelligence. This is a story about how a brewer in the Guinness factory in Dublin, Ireland inventing a widely used statistical method while trying to select the best yielding varieties of barley for brewing. It is also a story of how Guinness did not allow him to publish his findings under his name, and how the innovative brewer got them published under the pseudonym of "Student."