måndag 16 november 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Data Explorer

From Our World in Data

Only if we end the pandemic everywhere can we end the pandemic anywhere. The entire world has the same goal: cases of COVID-19 need to go to zero.

The Data Explorer shows which countries are making progress to this goal and which are not.

The data on confirmed cases only becomes meaningful when it can be interpreted in light of how much a country is testing. This is why we built the global database on COVID-19 testing. You can switch to the testing data right in this chart.Particularly informative is the metric ‘share of positive tests’ – which shows you the share of tests that are confirming a case. This rate should ideally be very low. If it is high a country is likely not identifying a large share of cases. If it is low then a country tests in proportion with the size of its outbreak and the number of confirmed cases is closer to the number of total cases. [For more details on this metric see here.]

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