måndag 22 augusti 2016

Nordiskt statistikermöte 2016 - Speakers, abstracts and papers

Statistics in a changing world - Towards 2020 and beyond
From Nordiskt statistikermöte
In addition to the 7 keynote speekers (see below) there are 18 presentations within each of the 4 themes by colleagues from the Nordic statistical agencies. You find them under each sub theme below.

  1. The role of statistics in society
  2. Interaction with users
  3. Data collection
  4. Efficient statistical production

Keynote speakers (more information)

Mikael Ahlström
Fredrik Laurin

Anna Rosling Rönnlund
Xavier Badosa
Bi Puranen
Jussi Karlgren
Can Tongur

Theme speakers

1. The role of statistics in society

Today National Statistical Institutes and other statistical producers face increased demands from politicians, researchers and users of statistics. These user requirements include faster and more accurate statistics as well as measuring new phenomena. At the same time we face budget cuts and high non-response. How can we continue to maintain the high quality of statistics considering the current situation in society and the EU?

A. Strategic challenges today
B. Strategic challenges tomorrow
C. Maintaining quality and standards
D. In alliance with other producers
E. Capacity building
F. New statistics in society 2020

Theme leader: Carsten Zangenberg, Denmark

Theme speakers and abstracts Theme 1

2. Interaction with users

How can we develop and improve the dialogue and cooperation with different users and stakeholders?

A. Assessing the needs today
B. Publication modes and targeting groups
C. Visualising the quantity
D. Accessing data and integrating statistical documentation
E. Communicating with users
F. Assessing the needs 2020

Theme leader: Anton Örn Karlsson, Island

Theme speakers and abstracts Theme 2

3. Data collection

How can we reach and motivate respondents, reporting enterprises and other contributors and what are the new possible ways for data collection?

A. Strategies for contacting and motivating respondents
B. A blend of modes: mixed mode experiences
C. Adapting and responding: designing for quality and cost efficiency
D. Improving data collection from establishments
E. Governmental e-nitiatives: e-registers, e-structures and e-dialogue
F. Towards 2020: New and future data sources

Theme leader: Dag F. Gravem, Norway

Theme speakers and abstracts Theme 3

4. Efficient statistical production

Is it possible to meet new user needs and the ESS vision 2020 by standardized production within and between National Statistical Institutes and other statistical producers? How can we reach efficiency gains, improve our overall quality and establish robust statistical processes? What is the role of the Nordic collaboration in this process?

A. Towards a more standardized production
B. Towards a more process oriented production
C. Re-using techniques – what can we learn?
D. Working together in different ways
E. Case studies – tourism, national accounts and e-Income
F. Case studies – price statistics and a common tool for editing

Theme leader: Timo Koskimäki, Finland

Theme speakers and abstracts Theme 4