söndag 17 december 2017

How one woman used regression to influence the salaries of many

Significance - Wiley Online Library:
Elizabeth L. Scott (1917–1988) devoted the last twenty years of her life to shining a spotlight on inequities in academic salaries. At the University of California, Berkeley in the early 1970s, she found significant differences between the salaries of men and women. On average within the same job title, women received over $300 per month less than men; for women directors, the shortfall was about $750 per month. Across the USA, she found that 80% of female faculty members were underpaid on average by at least $1500 per year when compared to men with the same qualifications, and this difference was not explained by career interruptions, it widened with the increase in years since completing a PhD, and it was greater in research universities and the sciences.

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